I have a guitar with a tremolo system that has 10-46 on it tuned to drop c. The low c string (lowest) vibrates to much and I was wondering if I got a 7 string set and switching the low c string from a 46 to a 59 if the string would vibrate less or if I should use a different set of strings.
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10-52? 10-56? Not sure why you'd want to go out of your way to buy a pricier 7-string pack.
You would have to setup your bridge to do it, but it's do able.

Or you could just get some DR's. I had a set that was 10-60, 6 string
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this vibrating, could it possibly be fret buzz maby? its a common issue when switching to heavier guage strings, because they are thicker they will be closer to the top of the frets and will require setting up to get a low action with thicker strings.

does it happen more and more often as you move further up the neck?

if so i would say raise the action on your guitar till it goes away.