Hey guys i know that the idea for the toothpick and glue idea has been mentioned a lot but i can't exactly find out how to do it and im kind of nervous. Im going to get schaller strap locks for my les paul std, (right after i finish typing this), and from what i've read theyre great except sometimes the holes on the Les pauls are a little to big. SO

What exactly do you do to compensate? I have those wooden scuers, which are basically like long toothpicks, which ive actually used on an old guitar i just put it in the whole and rescrewed but without glue. And i have matchsticks. And glue.

Do i fill the whole hole with the wood and do i put glue on, then screw them in? Or just fill the extra space with a small sliver of wood and then screw in (which is what i did on my old guitar) without any glue?

Thanks for the help guys, and sorry for the grammar i'm in a rush.

EDIT: One more thing, the output jack keeps coming loose, and i don't ahve money for a new one as im using it on the strap locks. I heard something about using clear nail polish on the threads after tightening. Any suggestions? Thanks..
PS: the wires are fine not a soldering issue
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Buy this instead, use the rubber washers to go over you're existing strap pins, you're strap will never come off, and it looks better too IMO.

Use the moneys you have saved to buy a new Jack iff you think you need it, although you could just tighten it?

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When you get the new straplocks, use the old screw from the strap buttons to hold the new straplocks in. It will fit the new straplock, and unless you're really unlucky or the screw was loose to begin with it will be solid.

If you do have to use the toothpick method, don't use glue. What you did with your other guitar is fine. Once the screw is in with the toothpick/skewer, the pressure will be enough to hold it in. Glue just makes it hard to get out if you ever need to.

As far as the output jack, clear nail polish is good. Don't get caught stealing your sister's nail polish, that's a long embarrassing conversation with your parents that you don't want to have.
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Toothpicks are good for anything involving wood, a hole, and a screw. They are second only to duct tape for things to have handy.
^well, you actually provided more detail and provided a well thought out post

I was laughing at the 'sister' comment

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Toothpicks are good for anything involving wood, a hole, and a screw. They are second only to duct tape for things to have handy.

Colin is right on the money with the strap locks fitting. I just used the screws that came with my LP to put the Schaller's on.
Like someone before said, Grolsch beer seal or a rubber gasket.
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Thanks a lot guys. Guess i overreacted haha, got them on in about 5 minutes. Love em, glad i went with the schallers, well worth the extra price.