Hi guys.

I am trying to learn some more difficult Dream Theater solos. They honestly do not look complicated when scanning the tabs, but then when i try to play them they seem impossible. So this got me wondering.

What is, in your experience, the best way to learn a difficult solo?.
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The way I always did it was listen to the song, and solo, so much that I can hum it in my head from memory (also works with songs like classical gas too) and then take the solo a section at a time. When I hum it in my head I can split it into small sections, learn one and get it right, then move onto the next one and get it right, then put them together and so on until you've got the full thing.
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Learn the scales he uses first, so you know what basic structures he's using when he plays them. Then just slowly learn it in sections. You have to play it slow before you can play fast.
pretty much what the first two answers were.

You gotta really break the solos down bit by bit. And know what scale(s) that the guitarist is using is a great help too.

If you try to rush through it you will only get confused.
I'd learn it lick by lick.

If a particular lick is giving you trouble, pick the 3 notes that are giving you the most trouble and play that sequence repeatedly.

Gradually add 1 note on either side of that sequence until you are playing the entire lick all the way through. Just make sure you isolate the difficult parts and practice everything really slow.