I bought a Vox Amplug(a sort of portable amplifier), but the thing will not fit into my guitar no matter how I try to put it in, but I want to get the thing in there somehow. Is there some kind of thing that you can plug the jack thingy on the amplug into that will have the same kind of end that will go into a guitar(patch cable head) preferably in some sort of physical store, cuz I'm going away soon, which is why I bought the thing.
You could use an extension cord, or use two converter plugs.

Or just put the amplug circuit in the guitar's electronics cavity and wire it up so the headphone output goes to the output jack.
i did the above
works as a nice preamp
but if youre not expecting to fit it into control cavity just buy the extention they should have one at your local radioshack or the like
use one of these?

but plug your gutiar into one and just tape the other one out the way??

or there's this option

sup to you

or there's as been previously mentioned. 1/4" to 2.5mm to 1/4" again.
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Yeh use an adaptor. I have like 50 lying around the house.

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