ok so this year one of my teachers has talked me into doing a project this year, what it involves is to hand build an instrument and naturally i choose to do a guitar, now the catch is that the only parts from an actual guitar is the strings, so i have to make everything from scratch, and it has to be acoustic (no electrics allowed) and not only does it have to look good it has to be played in compitition, so any advice would be greatly appriciated, the things i am most worried about are the tuning keys, frets, neck, and bridge

thanks in advance
I think you bit off WAY more than you can chew. Plus acoustics are alot harder to make than electrics.

Your biggest problem will be frets. But you can make it similar to mandolins from the Medievel era. They had scalloped necks and the peak of the scallop was the fret. You'll want a hard fretboard wood for this, obviously. Ebony would work. Or just make it fretless.

The bridge is relatively easy to make since it's all wood with a plastic saddle.

For the tuners, maybe you can work out a way similar to violins. They just have ebony pegs that go into the peghead horizontally.

Good luck chief. You'll need it.
you could make a fretless guitar
although then youd have to learn how to play fretless
but for the tuning keys you could do like violin pegs
ok thanks guys, the violin idea is great!
also ill have some help from my drafting instructor who has been hand building acoustics for many many years, his father was one of the best in my area, ashland ky, and Keith Whitley used his guitars, so im not worried much about that part, just the tuning keys mainly, and thank you VERY much
you could just make an electric, then just not plug it into an amp
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