First off, I'm not sure how to describe the genre this song is in. It just reminds me of too many things, like YYZ by Rush, Mastodon, Blind Guardian, Opeth, hell, even video game boss music at parts. Just put what I felt was a close enough description for the title.

So, let me know what you think! Some things that I feel could be better are the second part of the bridge, the repeat before the bridge, and the fact that I can't think of how to incorporate keys into this since I'm not a key/piano player but my band has one. But, I could be wrong on those counts.

Critique away!

And I'm always willing to C4C, just link to your thread and I'll get on that.
Untitled Metal.zip
Good song in overall!
I really have that "boss battle" feeling you were talking about lol.

Beginning reminds me a lot of RUSH's YYZ too.

I'm note sure I I like bar 11 through 17, maybe adding a rythm guitar playing the root note of each chords with a more agressive rythm ? To me, there is no groove in this riff, in my opinion.

I like the ride feeling on the drums on bar 22 and so. The lead starting there is great. The rythm is good, lot of well placed silence.

The acoustic interlude is good, especially when the bass kicks in and the small lead is perfect.

The blast beat around 114 is kickin' ass, but I feel like guit 1 is killing the riff. Maybe remove it or have it play something else.

134 and following are good, interesting "breaks".

The acoustic ending is a good idea, i love the chord progression. Maybe you should add some light piano pad to it?

What kind of vocal do you want to put on that? Instrumental?

Well finally, some great riffs, some less than the others, overall feeling is great but no real variations throughout the song, so a bit repetitive even if they are a lot of riffs. 7/10 if you don't work it , but i'm sure you can improve it a lot!

BTW : how come your drums show up as Grand Piano for me?
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-lotsa good stuff-

Thanks for the great critique! I think you nailed why m.114's hasn't sounded as good as it could be to me, I'll tool around making that better and the whole varitation issue.

I'm not too sure about vocals yet as this has a good bit of melody on the guitar already. But like I said, I'm not sure.

I think my drums show up as Grand Piano since I wrote this in Tuxguitar and saved it as a GP5 file. As long as it sounds like it should, though, right?