Been visiting the site for a while but only just recently joined so thought I'd stop in and say hi. Not sure if I should post this question here as well, if it's wrong I apologize, just let me know and I'll relocate it. I've been playing for almost a year now, I'm good with chords, struggling a bit with Barre chords but getting better at those and I'm fully versed in trim picking, alternate picking etc. I'm mostly having issues with long reaches. For instance it's hard for me to do say A string second fret with my index fingerand G string 4th fret with my ring finger(opening power chord for fade to black). I've had some people say just keep practicing, but others have told me I'll always struggle with it because my fingers aren't very long. Will I get better at it, and what are some things I might try to increase my reach distance?
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It really is just practice practice practice.

Small children can play power chords on full sized guitars, so unless you have miniscule fingers, you'll be fine.

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Well, my first thought is to make sure your fingers are parallel with the fret wire and that your hand is curved over the fretboard. When you fret the d string for your power chord, use your ring finger, and put your pinky on the G string. USE YOUR PINKY!!! (Spread your fingers out. See how far it is from your pointer to ring? See how much further it is from your pointer to your pinky? It's already all the way out there you may as well use it!. It's not very good for players to neglect it for very long. It's like trying to measure the length of your house with a 19.25" ruler.

If it's possible maybe get a cheap electronic keyboard to noodle around on. It helps with music theory and finger dexterity and reaching.

Do exercises: Try to do the "Live long and prosper" sign from Star Trek. Try tapping your fingers in different and varying patterns while waiting at the doctor's office. Anything can be an exercise if you're creative enough.

Just practice practice practice practice. And use your pinky.

And if your fingers are indeed too short, and you feel like this is hard because of physical limitations, look up the story of Jason Becker.
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Welcome to UG as well!

You'll eventually get used to it. One day I just realized that I wasn't struggling with it anymore.

I would suggest paying attention to the positioning of your fret hand. I know once I made sure my thumb was in the middle of the neck and my hand parallel to the neck it made a huge difference.
Basically then, it is something I'll be able to do eventually, I just need to practice? I have to admit, I got a little negged out at being told "you'll never be able to do this". I love the instrument and I've always wanted to play so initially I was pretty excited. There's just something about guitar, you can be in a room full of people who are talking to each other, but the moment you pick up a guitar and start playing (providing you don't suck anyways LoL) every head in the room turns to look at you. That's such an awesome feeling. Thanks for your help.
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