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Sell It
5 26%
Age It
8 42%
Customize It And Use It
6 32%
Voters: 19.
Well recently I got a Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion III at a Police auction for $1300 I played it live twice and realized that the pickups were way too loud and not for my playing style so I sort of want to either sell it or keep it under my bed for 50 years and letting it age in its perfect condition or change the pickups and add a Bigsby tremolo to it what do you guys think I should do?

link to what it looks like: http://www.dv247.fr/assets/products/36953_l.jpg

Havent really gotten the actual price some people are saying its worth $2100 some are saying $4000 it would help if someone told me the actual price

i would put a bigsby on it.

but with the pickups they might be too close to the strings?

so you could try lowering them and see if that helps with your volume problem
Don't mod it. Keep it safe somewhere and sell it in 20 years.
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cant you lower the pickups or the volume on the guitar if they are too loud
but id put the bigsby on it cause its cool
god that thing is sexy, dont mod it man, honestly i say adjust the pups...as said above ....or keep it, i wouldnt just "let it age" mind you ....i say keep it , play it, treasure it
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MF sells them new for $2749, so I'd guess maybe $2200 used, tops depending on age/condition. AFAIK the model isn't old (1979?) or popular enough to be vintage, so you're not sitting on a fortune or anything.

If you don't want to play it, put it up on Craigslist or something and see if you get any offers. It doesn't strike me as the kind of guitar you'd want to mod too extensively -- I can see tweaking a Les Paul, even a 335 to some extent (Bigsby, etc.), but that's the kind of high-end custom instrument you buy because you like it exactly as-is.
If you don't like a guitar. Get another. Why keep a guitar you don't like the sound of?
You need an instrument that feels and sounds the way you want it.
But the sound issue can be fixed with new pickups (I wouldnt change em though).
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If you sold it, you would be lucky to get anywhere over two grand for it. Even that would be pushing it.

Personally, I wouldn't sell it. It's got too much output? Pickups are by far the easiest element of a guitar to change and even then, I doubt you need a total change. Just lowering the pickups will significantly reduce the output and improve the clarity and response of the pickups. Try that first before you think about anything else.
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I feel like you should get rid of it if you don't like how it sounds or feels, but at the same time I don't think you will get anywhere near what it is worth. People aren't paying out much for anything right now, nevermind 2000+ for a guitar.
i feel like its not too often that you hear about someone complaining they're pickups are too loud.