Hi, I'm currently using Cubase 5 to try to record my music. I have a Line6 POD Studio UX1 and an Axiom 25 MIDI keyboard. When I plug these into my laptop via USB and try to record, there seems to be a delay once I've finished recording and playback. Also, for my MIDI keyboard, there is enough of a delay that I can depress a key compeltely, and hear the noise of the "plibt" of the key having gone down as far as it can, before the note I want plays. The delay on that instrument is maybe half a second, but it's enough to screw up my ability to record at all with it. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks.
Bump, I really need some help with this. Can't seem to figure it out.
Select your ASIO drivers (or download some). Sorted.
Download the ASIO4ALL
you can search that on google
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