Got a used Jackson w/ a licensed Floyd Rose. I noticed that one of the pivot screws is "loose" in the sense that I am able to tighten and loosen it pretty easily with my fingers. Will that pose a problem once it's all setup? On all my other guitars, the pivot screws are difficult to turn--they require an allen wrench. What do you think?

The studs that the actual trem balances on? Yeah, mine are actually pretty loose, I learned yesterday when setting it up. I don't know if that's normal or not, but that's how it is. That'd be the first time I've ever touched them too.

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if you mean there is no hardware on or anything. i have also had this. i think its normal as the tension of the floyd when setup restrains the bolts from moving.

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qiuck fix....
plumbing PTFE sealer tape
you wont need much. wrap around the threads