Basically I'm just wondering if the notes in the arpeggio must be played in order.

So say it's an arpeggio in Am7 should I go:


Or can you mix it up as long as all the notes are involved? I know when building chords as long as all the notes are in it and the root is correct that's alright; do arpeggios work the same way or do the notes need to be in succession?

Thanks a lot.
If you have to demonstrate an Am7 arpeggio you usually run through it in order, if not, do whatever you think gives the sound you're looking for.
Of course you can mix them up. They'd get pretty boring if they always went in the same order, eh? Consider that the standard E barre chord shape goes E B E G# B E and not E G# B E G# B.

Do what you want.
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Thanks guys I'm somewhat new to theory, just learnt how to build chords/play scales all over the fretboard.

To start out with are there any websites which have standard arpeggio shapes to memorize? I understand how to form them now so do most guitarists just make up their own ships and memorize them or are there any standard shapes that work really well that most people tend to use?
DaddyTwoFoot said it. You can do the same thing with any chord or apreggio. Even if it's like an Am#5b5susXYZ+Applesauce. As long as all the notes are there, you've got your chord or apreggio.

Most common arpeggios are just your basic open chord shapes moved up an octave.
Yeah, don't work too much on shape. Work using the chord shape, then building the arpeggio using notes or the sound.

One good exercise: Relate the scale shape, to the chord shape (CAGED system) and then also the arpeggio. That will help you dominate any position.

To practice, yes play them in order. To jam / solo / improv, rarely play them in order.
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