Hi, I have a few questions about Ring Modulation as I have never come across this style of effect before.
So here it goes

1) What is ring modulation?
2) What would you recommend to be the best ring modulation pedal out there, regardless of price?
3) What bands use ring modulation the most/the best?
4) When would it be used ideally in songs?

Thanks a lot.
Songs with ring modulation:

Just about anything that Omar Rodriguez lopez has written uses ring mod once or twice even just for a few seconds.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-ZJQ-9BLJ0 <- very musical use
Ring modulation is such a versatile effect in my opinion but it's one of the harder effects out there to use.

I'm way past overdue on my Ring Thing demos.
I should get on that...
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1) in it's most simple form a ring modulator takes 2 signals and makes a symplathic single output signal based on how the signals interact in a very specific way.

i like ring modulation because it is a very robust effect; it's function actually morphs into different effects as you sweep through a range of parameters. they are also fairly challenging to use well.

2) i use a moog mf-102 and think it is one of the best pedal-style ring modulators on the market. handmade in North Carolina.

3) keyboard players in fusion rock bands. ring modulators were standard issue components on high end analog synths back in the day and many badasses like George Duke jammed out ring modulators.

4) the think i love about ring modulators is that you can really use them anywhere you think you can make them fit, you don't need to make a song to use a ring modulator, instead you need to change your mindset on how you use a ring modulator. this is true for most effects in general.
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Short answer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKQiroD8obc
Long answer :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring_modulation
2) My personal favourite is the Fairfield Randy's revenge
3) I don't know honestly
4) When you feel it's userfull

Wow, I never cared for modulation sounds like this until I saw that first video with the EHX Frequency Analyzer. When used right this actually seems pretty fun

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