The JTM series from Marshall is quite rare. I think there were 3 types; JTM30 1x12, JTM60 2x12, JTM600 Head and Cab. Very vintage tweed look. I know they made these models for only two years '96 and '97, then discontinued.I bought the JTM600 head and cab, way back in '97. I still love it. Been through countless other amps through the years but this one always stayed with me. Ive never met another guitarist that owned one. Any JTM'rs out there?

Heres a couple YouTube videos of the JTM60 combos (great tone IMO)

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- Marshall JTM600 Head
- Marshall JTM410 Cab
I bought a used jtm (30 or 60, I think it was the 30) from a shop and I really liked it. I sadly no longer have it
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I have a JTM45 (not really related to the JTM30 or 60), I guess that counts?
^ It certainly counts as a better JTM.
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