If you are a young band with dreams of "making it" and are hoping to get signed to a major label, tour, and all that jazz, you need to see this movie......

Working Class Rock Star

This movie gives you in depth look at the reality of the music business today.


Here is the first couple minutes of it. If you are in a band, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE!
Sounds like a ton of metal elitist bull sheet

I bet I could find 50 people in the pit right now that think the bands that were interviewed are the reason the industry is in decline
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TL;DW, some old hippie talks about 'things were better in the 70's, maaaan' and half-known metal bands whine about not making enough money for a 4th SUV.
Oh crap, if you want to make music your career, you're going to have to actual work for it!! OoOoOoOohHhHhhH NnNnnooOoOOooo!!!

That's just what it is, a career. A day job. As an artist today you can expect no success but what you make all by yourself. It's not a bad thing, either; it's an excellent opportunity for the people who really believe in what they're doing and are really willing to do what it takes day in and day out.
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