What's the best amp I can get for under $500, i play mostly thrash metal. I have been looking at the valveking 112 for quite a while now.
Only go for the VK if:

- You buy it used
- Are willing to change tubes and speaker
- Are willing to add an EQ pedal, and possibly do more mods in the future.

Otherwise I'd go for the Vypyr Tube or an Ampeg VH140c.
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when you say I need to change tubes, do you mean i have to swap them often or the ones they come with are just iffy
OMG solid state, amazing thrash tonez!

I personally have an Ampge SS140 combo, and it does thrash really well. Cost me $300 too!

Don't worry about the vypyr if you don'f need versatality (IMO). For thrash, the Solid State amps out there freaking rule. Which one? That is an entirely different debate!

post-post editing: It is definitely an old school sound though, people have different ideas on thrash sometimes.

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If I were you, I would scrap the idea of getting the Valveking and look for a used Peavey 5150 combo or a used Marshall JCM2000 DSL combo. The Valveking isn't really good unless you mod it, and even then the mods would just cause it to sound similar to either of the two amps I've already listed.
peavey classic 30 used with an od will give you an abundance of tones. Also a peavey vyrpr tube combo is nice and decent.
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Randall RG series is supposed to be awesome, never playing one in person. Marshall Valvestate kicks ass of course, and the Crate GX-130 and Crate GTX-3500 are both awesome. Then there is the Randall Warhead, a 300 watt beast. Peavey XXL is the top of their Transtube line.

All would sound killed for thrash. All solid state too (except the Valvestate, which has a tube preamp. Power tubes give it all the magic though; at a cost of tightness.
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