Hey, so i bought some Orange drop Caps (022 and a 001) off eBay but they both came in the same bag so i don't know how to tell which one's which as although they have numbers on them they have nothing that says either '022' or '001' or anything obvious like that to say which is which.

Anything that could help would be great, cheers
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the 022, assuming they were .022uF, it should say 223 somewhere on the cap. i have a genuine orange drop .022uF cap here, the 716P series from vishay/sprague. it says:
223J O912"

223 means .022uF

102 means .001uF iirc... i have one, but it's in my amp. just for reference, 222 is .0022uF, 104 is .1uF so ya.
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