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I am in need of your assistance dear pit dwellers.

I live out of town, but tomorrow I'm gonna drive there in search of a good pair of producer headphones, preferably a pair that my ears can fit in completely, I know a few brands to look into but I was wondering if i could get the opinion of you guys before i make a purchase. Also, if you guys could suggest some good monitors for my pc that you are/were satisfied with, and for headphones too, that would be great.

I'm into Electronica and Progressive House :3

tl;dr: I need producer headphones, what get?
As usual with these things, the first thing we should know is: Budget?

But off the top of my head:

- Be wary that some Sennheiser headphones (HD 580, HD600, HD650) are on the smooth and warm side. I don't think these are great for your type of music.

- Try the following headphones: AKG K501, AKG 271, AKG240, Beyerdynamic DT770, Grado SR325i (if you're open to trying open headphones)

Also again: What's your budget?
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Hmmm, I didn't really think of the budget before since I am sort of in need of a good pair, however I don't think I'll pay over 200$.

Thank you for your recommendations.

According to amazon, the beyerdynamics are 200$, I might aim for that pair.
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Shure headphones have full frequency response and are pretty sexy to look at
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Check out some Grados, i just got a used pair of SR325 and they're the best i've heard yet
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Anything worth a producer's time i suppose, you're looking for quality of sound and frequency. There's a difference between headphones and headsets/earphones.


lol I know there's a difference between headphones and earbuds. I wasn't sure why you said "producer's headphones" rather than just headphones. Anyway, I wouldn't use headphones for serious mixing or critical listening unless it was all I had. Make sure you get some good monitors if you're planning on engineering. I see you got some Shure 'phones, but if you're going to buy another pair, these are good and cheap:
My school has them and they work really nicely for cue mixes.
Yea I'm looking into monitors right now, I'm still living in my mom's basement so i can't have my sounds blast all night long so that's why I decided to go for headphones first, what are some monitors you'd recommend?