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Angled a la Stratocaster
37 49%
Vertical a la Les Paul
29 39%
Rotary a la PRS
3 4%
Other (just in case I forgot any)
6 8%
Voters: 75.
What's your favorite pickup selector? Just for fun
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3-ways always seem too fragile to me (although I'm sure they're not) and rotary would just be annoying for quick changes.
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3 way with a split in the middle. Angled as well, and not like a flimsy Les Paul switch.
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Three way with a tone-knob coil split.

A la (my) a Schecter.
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3 way is my favorite. Then you can use it as a killswitch. Plus I always seem to accidentally hit the selector if Im not using the bridge position on my angled ibanez pickup selector.
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The "angled" one.

3 or 5 way, it doesn't matter, but I hate the type you find on Les Pauls as, no matter where they're placed, they're hard to change pickups quickly, which I do a lot, I haven't tried the rotary switch, but I'm sure it'd be similar.

Strat style blade selectors are perfect for just knocking down or up to change where you're at.
A 5 way Lever Action switch a la my modded HSS strat.
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The Les Paul type switch. Has anyone seen that Yamaha guitar where it's like adjusting your volume and tone pots to choose a pickup position.
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The Les Paul type switch. Has anyone seen that Yamaha guitar where it's like adjusting your volume and tone pots to choose a pickup position.

yeah,my first guitar was a RGX A2,so I have first hand experience with it..and I got to say...

it SUCKS!!..its really really hard to switch between pickups..stupid piece of crap
For an SSS or any other three (or more) pickup configuration, I prefer individual SPST switches, one for each pickup.
For an HH set-up, a Les Paul 3-way is nice.
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I much prefer the Les Paul style switch but NOT the actual Les Paul design (link); it's awful.

I always swap mine out for something that's reliable like this.
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I like the five way on an H-H guitar. (bridge hum, bridge inner coil, both inner coils, neck inner coil, neck hum)
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i prefer 3 way les paul switch... well explains because i have a les paul
i have a coil split too!!!
I like the 3-way vertical a la Les Paul if it has a fin or something under the neck where it can go(like on an ML). Otherwise I'd RATHER the 5-way, but if it's a HH setup the 3-way'll do.
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my Washburn has the HH setup so it has the 3-way switch (but no coil tap im noty that fancy alright)
Depends on the guitar. If the switch is going to go above the strings, 3-way toggle. If it's going below them, blade-style 3-, 4- or 5-way, slightly angled but not as much as a Strat's traditionally is. For offset guitars, separate slide switches for each pickup.

I have a few exceptions though, like I'm happy with the 3-way toggle on Firebirds even though it's below the strings and I like when Strats have individual on/off switches for each pickup. I saw a Kramer Jersey Star (three humbuckers) that someone had modded once to have three mini-switches that made each pickup go series/parallel/off. Would love to make up a super-Strat or a super-Tele with a switching system like that one day.
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What about the 5 button switch?

I'd actually really like one of those.
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