I set out wanting to write more of an industrial type piece but it just turned out to be not that cool im getting more comfortable with the software im using (sony acid studio) and so i did a lot of panning and fading and such. still figuring out the best ways to utilize that and probably overdid it here but oh well. my recording chain is gtr-digitech metal master dist pedal (cab sim out) - jackson jx-3 preamp - boss micro BR. in the preamps fx loop i have BBE MaxCom - lexicon mx400. i dont have an interface so ive been doing it like this for a while. its a bit of a pain the in ass since i have to convert every single track into a wav and then drop it into the software. i think the micro BR is part of the reason behind my shitty tone. lots of quality is lost when i convert the tracks to WAVs.

ill have an interface someday. for now ive got to settle for my tone sounding like shit. just tell me if the song is arranged in an alright manner. also, i have an electronic drumset and i tried many different kits and various mixes with the cymbals quieter and everything else louder and still couldnt end up with a drum mix that i liked, so i may just program everything in the future. so the drums will sound like shit too. anyways, tell me what you think, and ill be happy to listen to anything you've got

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the intro sample was good, nice quality in the drums, especially the snare. But that noise @0:28 gives a headache lol, it sounds like hum from a guitar. The guitar quality is good, sounds nu-metal like (i don't know if that's a compliment for you).

I don't know why you "have to convert everything to .WAV". Last i heard .wav is a lossless format, so there shouldn't be any quality loss.
epic tone at that solo @3:10, and the creepy piano line that followed.
nice effect with the rain and clean guitars too.

overall nice (but weird) progressive depressing song