hey guys first post as a UG member, woo hoo!

ive got a massive fetish for japanese guitars. i own a 91 MIJ strat and its the best guitar i have ever played. but thats just me.

i have been wondering what the differences are between the three companies (orville, burny, greco)? and which would be the best. obviously orville would probably be the one to go with since they are pretty much japanese gibsons
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ask on the tokai registry (they have sections for the other brands you mentioned too) and japanaxe. they're the places to go for mij info (that i've found, anyway).
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I've essentially taken a Burny from my school, and it's truly incredible. I haven't tried many MIJ's, but Burny really is fantastic.
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there is a mid 70s greco les paul custom in great used condition for $695 AUD at a music shop near me. comes with a hard case. yay or nay? im very close to considering it...
If you like how it plays. Do you know the code of the guitar?
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nuh i dont, im heading there this week to check it out and have a play coz i was only window shopping the other time haha they also have a gibson les paul standard black for about $2400 AUD which is about half the price of what they usually are here which is about $5000. would it be worth saving for that one instead?
Check em all out and see which you personally like best.
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