Ok, so I have a question. All over the internet you can find awesome LP copies. They are spot on in almost every single way...yet there's something going on with the SG copies. Is there some kind of super patent on SG's? It seems like every copy of an SG is a little lopsided, or rounded or the pickguard is strangely shaped. Why?

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far as i can tell you can get sg copies just the same as you can get LP copies. the LP ones might be more popular.
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I just got a $480 Vintage VS6 SG yesterday(would post a NGD but I have no pics yet), and I find it to be leaps and bounds over the Epi G400, and nearly on par with the Gibson SG Standard(call me crazy, but I find it is at least tonally), and it looks pretty close to a real SG IMO, aside from the logo on the headstock and the smaller pickguard:

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^ Yeah, Vintage makes some nice stuff. I played one of their Les Paul Special copies and it blew me away.

TS, I have a Silvertone SG copy (that I scored in a pawn shop for $80 ) that looks pretty damn close to an actual SG. Tonally I'd say it's on par with Epi G-400's.