ok... started learning Mouth For War - Pantera using a tab found on this website, the tab reads.

Chorus Fill n.h............(tricky..)

I'm not sure how to play the part in red. It has N.H above it so i'm summing it natural harmonic of some sort, but i've never seen full stops between numbers.
It's a natural harmonic, but instead of playing it right above a fret, you play it between the 2nd and the 3rd fret - 3/4 of the way closer to the 3rd fret to be exact, hence the "2.75".

EDIT: You should be able to play natural harmonics at frets 12, 9 (weak),7, 5, 4 (weak), 3, 2.75, 2.5, 2, 1.8... Slowly slide your finger on any string (without actually pressing down to the frets) to find where the N.H. are located...

EDIT 2: That's actually how the licks from Killers by Iron Maiden and Suite-Pee by System of a Down are obtained: sliding and playing N.H.'s only!
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it is one of the hardest harmonics in guitar

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