People here will say the metal muff... I didn't really like either.

What is your budget?

EDIT: What type of metal???
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You're right I will say the Metal Muff because I like EH pedals but the metal zone is actually not a bad pedal. While I don't own either I do have the Big Muff Pi Distortion (russia) and it is really great for metal/heavy riffs. You should check that out too. Ultimately it's about personal taste and the right tone you're looking for.
love sounds like metal band seems like trivium..
budget:around $150
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and what is your budget???

A Good low cost pedal is the Barber Dirty Bomb, about $100-$130

Higher cost but worth it would be the Wampler Triple Wreck, around $270
I HATED the metal muff and never used the metal zone but my metal muff was thin
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I really like the EQ on the metal zone.
but i agree, it's quite narrowly scoped for metal, it doesn't have much of a versatility.
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there's also the MXR Fullbore Metal, if you are looking at the EHX Metal Muff. Heard a lot of good stuff about it.
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there's also the MXR Fullbore Metal, if you are looking at the EHX Metal Muff. Heard a lot of good stuff about it.

MXR Fullbore sounds like a can of bees...
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get a new amp

Pretty much this.

TS, getting a new amp will either give you a good distortion sound, or it will be a good platform for a distortion pedal.
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new amp..
so what is the best and budget amp that u wil suggest to me..

Whats your maximum budget?

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Whats your maximum budget?


You could score an old Peavey VTM head and a 4x12 cab for around $400-500 if you search hard enough. They cover old metal well and have enough gain and tightness to give you a decent modern tone as well.
get a new amp first, marshall mg's dont sound good even with a pedal
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Neither. Boss metal core is my fav. metal pedal
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