im planning on getting a delay pedal pretty soon, but dont really know which one to go for.
Can you tell me which delays are the best and help me choose one?
The Boss DD-3 is a great pedal (in my opinion). It's not too complex- has just enough of what you need to get versatile sounds. Some one once suggested me the EH Memory Man but those pedals brand new are over $200 and I've heard while they give you a lot of options there are better delays cheaper. I've always been a fan of going to the music store and trying a lot of pedals out. Bring the guitar you play with and try to use the amp you play with also (if they have it at the store) and you'll get a good idea of what it will all sound like.
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go for the boss DD-3 unlike the other boss delay pedals the dd-3 will stop the delay the moment its clicked where as the dd-3 theres no drag on of the effect and it works pefect if you have a very stop go style, or many stylistic changes in your music
I bought the BOSS DD-3 and it has some cool features. I think this is a good pedal to try out but see if you go to your local guitar shop and try it out for yourself, then you can see if its worth the money. I think its about £80-£90.
not good at converting USD into GBP(?) but a MXR carbon copy is a staple on my board. around 150 USD. might be a bit over your budget but definitely worth it.
Malekko Ekko 616 is better than the MXR Carbon Copy.

TS, What sort of features do you want in a delay? (tap tempo, long delay times, oscillation)

Do you want analog or digital????