My favourite holiday of all time would probably be the second time i went to florida, i missed my prom for it but went for 2 weeks, it werent just only the lush weather and theme parks that made it good, just the whole american culture and people over there, i really enjoyed it a lot

I don't know.. Might have been the time I traveled to America to go on a cruise in the caribbean.

or my trip to the Italian island Sardinia.

Both were awesome
My favourite vacation is a tough one, but I'm going to have to go with the time I got my cat. I live in Upstate New York (like, WAY Upstate), and I decided I wanted a cat. Actually I wanted a dog, but I have a small apartment and I won't be moving anytime soon. I also decided I wanted a road trip.

So I picked out a kitten in a shelter in West Virginia, since I figured it was the absolute longest I could drive in one day. On the way home, my car broke down in Maryland, and it was a Saturday morning. Meaning I was stuck there for at least two days, minimum.

So the cat and I had two days to hang out and bond in the hotel room, and I went on a two-day bender drinking beer, watching soccer games and Clint Eastwood movies on the hotel TV (seriously lucked out with the programming that week), and building my website from my laptop. Every once in a while I'd leave to get food, or to go take photos. There was even a guitar store within relatively short walking distance, and the owner let me hang out there for a couple hours when I told him I was stuck in town.

It worked out well, because it turned out I just needed a couple new hoses in my car. There was another Saab there for sale from the same year, and the mechanic was nice enough to give me its hoses so I could leave right away, and order new ones for his car rather than mine. Plus after two days being together in a tiny room, my cat developed a pretty strong sense of loyalty, and now she's basically a 13 pound dog. I even taught her to fetch.
Most of the holidays i had at college were awesome, we went to Amsterdam and Barcelona, there was also a weekend trip to Liverpool.

Amsterdam was alot of fun, didn't really do drugs out there, got stoned one night but thats about it, that was my first time with marijuana. Other than that, we just went out for a drink most nights at some bar that had really good bands, its a really nice city although it can be a bit dodgy at times, and i did have a couple of low points.

Barcelona was a nice city, but there were a few stressful moments and it was more expensive than Amsterdam, plus when we went to Amsterdam, there was alot more people from my class going, but i still had a good time.

Liverpool was fun, it was like the trip to Amsterdam but a little shorter.

So i'm gonna say my trip to Amsterdam was probably the best.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
When I went to Venice, Rome, and then through several parts of England in 2004. I also go to India every couple of years and those trips are always fun.
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10 days in Banff snowboarding. Was awwwweeeesssome.
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Aix en-Provence.

Gorgeous place, gorgeous people, shitload of culture and chilled out to boot.