I know this may be a bit irrelevant to "Guitar Gear" but I suppose the cable side of it is guitar related
So, anyway, I have recently purchased an electric piano that has a MIDI output and I was wondering whether anyone can point me in the right direction for a lead that connects a MIDI to a guitar amp or guitar pedal? I don't know the first thing about MIDI so I'm clueless as to which cable or adaptor will work.
Thanks a lot.
Well MIDI isn't going to make the keyboard work through your amp. MIDI is a format used in digital music. You'd use the keyboard to record into software.
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midi has makes no sound. it sends computer data. your keyboard may have a headphone out you could use. otherwise you have to run it through a computer, then out to an amp or speaker
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If your amp accepts MIDI program changes then connecting from your MIDI out on the piano to MIDI in on the amp will make the amp channels change when you hit a patch on the piano. You may be able to send controller info to the amp too (like the pitch bend wheel if it has one) and control parameters on the amp too. Depends on the amp. That's about all you can do MIDI-wise really.
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Hmm so how would I run the MIDI into computer then into an amp?
If not, is there any other way of hooking up my electric piano to an amp or PA system?
What sort of electric piano is it? Does it only have MIDI outs, or are there 1/4" or XLR or other outputs too?
Your guitar doesn't have a MIDI interface, unless you have a Roland system and pickup installed on it
Your amp doesn't have a MIDI interface, unless you have a MIDI preamp or high-end amp.
Why do you want to connect both anyways?
Quote by littlephil
What sort of electric piano is it? Does it only have MIDI outs, or are there 1/4" or XLR or other outputs too?

It's a Classenti PD-1 Stage Piano and it's a new model that's been brought out. I assume it plugs in to a PA as it says stage piano. It only has MIDI outputs, and a couple of other inputs such as headphones and AUX.
Hey Jacko, MIDI is a control protcol, it does not send any sound signals at all. It is however awesome for automating many pieces of equipment and many actions from one button press. For instance if your amp was midi capable too you could, for instance, set the piano up so that when you hit middle C it changes your amps channels, or if you had a midi capable FX rig you could control your delay repeats with a dial on the piano. Basically it can be as simple or complex as you want. If you connected to a pc for instance and had the time and know how to set it all up you could control upto 256 instruments in a midi synth app. basically an orchestra at your fingertips.

I use a basic midi rig myself with my podxt live doing my switch duties and my Tc Gmajor switching patches and my amps channels. no hopping around on stage!!

To run the sound out of the piano to a Hi Fi, PA or amp you will need to use the AUX out on the back. its probably 1/4" like guitar jacks so that should be that.
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To tack onto the the threadstarter's question:

TL;DR- How do I get Garage Band to recognize my keyboard?

1) I have a MIDI cable going from my keyboard's MIDI Out to my PODxt Live's MIDI In.
2) My PODxt Live is connected to my computer via USB and my DAW is Garage Band.
3) Garage Band recognizes there is one MIDI input available.
4) I play my keyboard, but it does nothing in Garage Band.
5) I have all the channels synced up.
6) SOO- How do I get Garage Band to recognize my keyboard?

MIDI has always been a weak area for me.. any help? Free internet cookie for any who does!