i've decided i'm going to make a small home recording studio to record guitars, bass, some vocals and drums (not a full kit, just snare, hats, bass drum mainly)

my plan was to buy a shure sm57 because apparently it is a good 'all round' mic and buy a m-audio fast track ultra. i have a macbook to record onto btw. if things go well from there i was thinking of investing in a

is this a good choice of equipment to record? the m-audio fast track is quite expensive, are there any cheaper alternatives to this? will i need anything else?

i have garageband but could probably upgrade soon.

i'm new to recording so any tips are appreciated

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The M-Audio Fast Track is a solid interface. It has had a few problems in the past but thats typical with any mass produced item. There are probably some cheaper alternatives to it but none made by any brands I'd use.

One thing I would suggest would be a Condenser mic. They are mainly used for vocals and sound much better for vocals than dynamic mics like the SM57. There are plenty out there but a few I'd suggest are the Audio Technica AT2020 or the Rode NT1A.
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