Hey guys,

Everything good?

Yesterday I bought an Epiphone Les Paul Zakk Wylde in second hand. The guitar was in a very good condition.

Just to check that everything was okay and that it wasn't a fake, I checked for all the signals that a fake usually has. I browsed here and many other forums just to see the little things and if I in fact had the real one.

Everything was fine. But today, I started looking more closely and I noticed that at the back of the headstock where the serial number is, it seems that the numbers of the serial number were "stamped". Since english is not my main language I dont know if this is the word I want to use.

I have 1 letter followed by numbers. The letter is fine, but the numbers, in their background I see a little of ink. And if I try to scrape a little bit, that ink comes of, which means that the number can disappear.

I have had a few others Les Paul's, and if I remember correctly that didn't happen, the serial number I think was "indented" in the guitar and it didnt seem like ink.

The guitar has no signs of being fake. I checked everything, but that thing on headstock got me wondering.

Here is the pic:

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its legit... mines like taht too
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Its a legit guitar. I've noticed that many Epiphones have the same type of serial number.
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Looks legit to me. I had one and want another one very soon. The fakes that I see have the numbers stamped instead of inked with extra stuff.