Hi guys. I recently bought a mic and XLR to USB converter. When using Asio4all drivers i can get the latency to minimum when i can easily record. THERE IS ONE HUGE PROBLEM THOUGH. The usb converter uses c-media drivers, while speakers uses Realtek High definition, Asio4all can only use on driver at a time so i'd have to record without sound, and then go to settings, change the output, listen and change it back to record. This is not gonna work. Do you know what i could do to fix this problem. Any drivers i could use etc. I'd prefer to use asio drivers that allow to decrease latency. Thanks.
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Hmmm... I'm not sure i understand where the problem lies...

What recording software are you using? Cubase, Audacity, REAPER...?
I can record just fine with the Asio drivers enabled in both Audacity and REAPER.
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When ur recording, ur not using the C-Media drivers or the Realtek High Def drivers, your using ASIO4ALL drivers.

I've got mine set up, pretty much teh same as your setup. If you go into the advanced option in ASIO4ALL setting (click on the wrench), you should be able to individually select what output and input connections you want.

I also found that i had to close all programs that were using the sound drivers, otherwise ASIO4ALL would say that they're unavailable. So close everything that uses sound (itunes, youtube windows)

Also, what recording software you going through, cause you mihgt be using dodgy software? I'm guessing Audacity?

I'm recording through Cubase Essentials 5 btw

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Yeah the whole point of ASIO4All is that it enables you to use several audio cards/drivers at the same time. You just have to set your recording software to use one driver for input (your c-media) and the other driver (realtek) for output. This should solve your problem. If you have the option of going into the controll panel for ASIO4All check that all drivers are enabled.