Ok I thought I'd share a really cool resource that can help all us songwriters break the cat in the hat simple boring rhymes. Some of you may know this some of you may not, but it's a great trick to use to help you find great rhymes..

Family Rhymes

Voiced: d, d, G
Unvoices: p, t, k

Voiced: v, th, z, zh, j
Unvoiced:f, th, s, sh, ch

Voiced: m, n, ng

So the idea is when you are stuck on a rhyme look up it's family group to get ideas of other possible ideas..


The Lyrics inside my head have me all in a rut

what's the obvious rhymes for rut: cut, glut, gut, hut, shut etc, all boring stuff..so we look at the family group for "t"'s and now try and find alternatives using the same vowel sound but change the "t" into something else like

mud, shrug, stuck, cup...I'm sure you get the idea here

The Lyrics inside my head have me all in a rut
The words come out like a pig in the mud

Another example pulled from one of my songs

We danced by the moonlight, made love in the rain
A wonderland of colors, you made my heart feel safe

In this example I went from the Nasal family to the Fricative family to find a word that Rhymed with rain..safe. Again the same "a" sound..You don't always have to stick with the same vowel sound, but it's the easiest way to find other possibilities..but I shared this example to show you don't have to stick within the same "family" group..

Hope this helps and gives everyone some cool ideas to spice up our rhymes.
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That's quite useful!
Should come in handy when I write my next song!