Ive been playing guitar on and off for about 10 years. I have a washburn dime 333 and a epiphone les paul custom and fender strat. I like my guitars, but want something else. Budget is up to $800 used. I have small hands, so i would like a fast comfortable neck. Would like to play any rock. from classic, to modern rock.

Ive tried the ibanez s470dxqm,,,but the body is way too thin. I liked the neck.

I just want suggestions.

So I'm thinking an Ibanez Prestige.

EDIT: For some nice BALLSY weight, you could get a Gibby of some sort.

A Schecter C-1 wouldn't be too bad either.

An ESP LTD of some kind could be good.

Or A PRS Singlecut.
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Maybe a Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 or Singlecut...?
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Maybe a Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 or Singlecut...?


Anything with the Wide Thin neck and your set,

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. I liked the neck.

I just want suggestions.


A Used ibanez RG1570 or a1550 or a 2550 or a 570 or a 550

or a brand new RG1451 prestige

there are many many more guitars from other brands aswell,but I am mostly an ibanez guy..
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if you like the ibanez necks, but not the S series's body, you should try out an RG. They have the same necks but a bigger body. Oh... and make 1007690473% sure that is doesn't have an EDGE III. Otherwise u'll be wasting ur monies.

But i really love the body of the S-series, it's really comfortable standing up and light on ur shoulders. (unlike my old fender)

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Go to sam ash and keep asking about their items on sale my friend got a rg770 87 reissue for 700 and it was the best guitar in the store. I shit you not
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i like my new washburn wm24's neck its pretty slick and slim and i got mine for under 800 new (450 and came with an LFR)