Hey guys,

The Sidewalks (http://www.myspace.com/thesidewalks) are planning to hit the states next Summer. I'm looking for some insight into venues in NY, Boston, Jersey, Detroit, etc, that we should be looking to hit. These cities all have a decent Ska scene from what I'm told. We're not totally a ska band, either, so really I'm just looking for any info at all


For Boston/Cambridge/Allston check out T T the Bear's Place, Paradise Rock Club, Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub, Great Scott, and Wadzilla Mansion.

I know the guys that run Wadzilla and I know they're always looking for unknowns. You wouldn't get paid a lot though because its a small space and they don't charge people to see the shows usually. The bands get a cut of food and drink sales. If you were already coming to Boston though for another gig it might be good just for the exposure and for a little extra cash.