I'v e posted tabs of a song yesterday here: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/s/stephanie_lapointe/eau_sale_crd.htm

The problem is that it truncated special characters, so what was called "Eau Salée" is now "Eau Sale", which don't mean the same thing at all, but it especially hinders someone trying to find through the search with "Eau Salée" as their keywords. So I don't expect the "bug" to be corrected, but rather just have the ability to change the "é" to "e", so that would give "Eau Salee" (Google recognizes these and atleast the result would show up).

Anyhow, I can't edit it, so if any admin could please edit the title from "Eau Sale" to "Eau Salee" , or point me to the ressource where I can ask this to be done. Thanks.
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