whats the difference in monitor speakers and regular computer speakers ?

and do you use different speakers for playback of what you recorded after you
have finished mixing your recording ( finished product ) to see what it would
sound like on regular speakers ?

would you choose monitor headphones over the speakers or would you combine both ?
Essentially, each speaker and it's specific housing has its own EQ characteristics. The biggest difference between real monitors and computer speakers are the quality and eq frequences that are inherent in each of them .

My mixing/mastering is a long process and involves multiple sets of speakers.
Tracking-Done on monitors
Initial Mix and Basic master-Monitors

From there I switch and fine tune the music between studio headphones, computer speakers, my house stereo, my car, anything audio system I can hear it on to make sure it is as equal as possible. The reason for this, is that each system has again, its own EQ properties and your mix and final product can sound COMPLETELY different on each one.

The trick here is to get as equal a balance as possible on each of the systems. Good speakers though can make all the difference in the world...
monitors are designed so every frequency is the same volume. you should use many sound systems before a projects is over, but a monitor should give you a good idea of what it will sound like anywhere else. anything CAN be a monitor for you, as long as you know what your particular speakers accentuate. i use a good stereo system for now, because i'm very used to how it sounds and i can work well with them. every speaker will have its own sound, just find what suits you best and go from there