ive been watching some videos on youtube. hendrix and people covering hendrix seem to use their forearms to sweep across the strings and get a really different sound out of the guitar, and i reckon it would tie right in well with some of the hendrix - style stuff ive been learning recently

can anyone tell me what this technique is, and where i can find out more about how to do it?
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Not sure exactly what you're talking about, got a video example?
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I think he's saying when he plays, he only uses his wrist. I could be wrong but that's what I got from it.
Chances are you're anchoring then and you're going to have stop doing that to play from the elbow.
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It probably sounds crap to him aswel

There's nothing special about it, for all we know his wrist isn't even touching the fretboard.

It looks more like the cloth of his shirt is just dampening the strings.
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It looks to me like he's using the meaty part of his thumb to do a slide.
If you watch closely, he opens his hand and puts the bottom edge of his thumb on the neck and slides it up.
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