I'm looking for a cheap tube amp up to only $350. Right now, I am looking at a Bugera V22 Tube Amp.

I play metal, punk, alternative, and blues.
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what is this like the 5th post exactly like this today?

EDIT: Sorry, we just don't want to answer the same question over and over.

inb4flamingstarts, look at a Bugera or a Jet City
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that is this like the 5th post exactly like this today?

what a great help you are!

i hear B-52 are good for the money.
And you live where?

(like I the answer isn't parochially obvious)
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It's not that expensive, but paired with an attenuator it can make your bedroom dreams come true. because of the low wattage, you can get HUGE sounds and get the best tone without melting down anything around you.

Note it doesn't have an FX loop or master volume.
can it do metal? yeah with a boost.though it's more of a vintage amp and if you need tighter metal gain you might not like the blackheart sound.
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Bugera V22 or Jet City JCA20 combo would do it.

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