Hi all,
my first post,will try to be brief.I have a problem-when I try to sing,it seems my voice is right in the middle of song:when I start with my normal range ,the higher notes later are too high(for me to sing),if I adjust and try to lower-the beginning is too low for me.
Is it OK to change the key in the middle of the song(which is pretty awfull) or should I practise and get my "range" wider?
Which is easier-to get higher or lower,in practise?
I wouldn't change key in the middle of the song!

Best move the whole song into a range that you can reach...or if it's only a few notes too high sometimes you can "adjust" the melody and get away with it...
Thanks,will keep practice;seems like singing lessons are in order,lol.The other thing is that my right hand instead of keeping rhythm starts to follow vocal,what a nuisance.Total lack of coordination...
either adjust the melody, or do a better warm up. you may be able to hit those notes in your head voice (for the higher ones) and still make it sound good.
Thank you,you made me check what "head voice"was,lol.I found really interesting lessons on YT.I miss the times when I was a kid,angelic voice ,singing in the big choir and then my voice broke and misery began.
change the key I reckon, don't go down a whole octave but just enough so that you can hit the highest notes.
and yeah puberty sucks for guys, we pretty much have to learn how to sing all over again =(

edit: oh and it's a lot easier to get more high notes than low notes most of the time, I can't sing any lower than when I started but got more than an octave more on top. do you know your vocal range as in the highest and lowest notes you can hit?
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Find you range first. Then choose and adjust songs to the range of your voice.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.