Man On Earth- C4C

Ticky tack tock, like the melting clock
My words seem to mumble and stop
Drip and drop
Or, even like sheepskin folded football, Flick and flock
But they wouldn’t flip or flop
Because I know what I’m saying
Even if its off the top these fools should be praying
Because my delivery of philosophy
Thought of by the great men before me
Has never been in danger of being forsaken
When its given to the promised one all men’s knees are shaken

The greatest man who ever lived wasn’t thinking about himself.
He had an idea in his head, and his inhibitions on the shelf.
His breathing was controlled in moments of specialty,
and I can almost guarantee he never drank dos equis.
Because he wouldn’t drink a beer, he’s the more sophisticated type,
with his mind on more things than these keyboards and mics.
I’d think he’d drink scotch on the rocks, shaken or stirred,
because the greatest man in the world wouldn’t care how his drink had matured.

What are we living for?

The greatest man who ever lived shalt cast the first stone.
Who’s going to step up and watch a god shatter some bones.
As they attempt to throw pebbles and there joints explode.
Their radii and ulnas breaking, shattering, unloaded
upon as they drop the rocks that they were so closely clutching.
Until they realized they’re no greatest man here touching
the earth, or capable of hitting this broad sided barn. Here
the greatest man who ever lived has seemed to of disappeared.

What are we living for?

The greatest man who ever lived, could he stand up before a crowd
and take what they give his as they constantly beat him down.
And badger him with questions of what they should do.
Always asking “what can we do to be more like you?”
Befuddled, be wondered, and scratching his head,
he stops in his tracks and contemplates what’s been said.
And in a simple reply as if the answer was so clear,
He tells us it’s not that great to be him, and try drinking beer.

What are we living for?

If there ever were, or was, a greatest man who ever lived
I’m sure I’d have known him, or I might have known his kid
Because I’ve met so many people that are royal ****ing scum
And with my faith in the world I hope that I’ve met one
Redeemer, the savior of our failing humanity
Dreamer, believer in my use of profanity
Exciter, who could move a nation on the whim of his will
God among men, a role never filled

What are we living for?
Well done
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DR.ZOIDBERG!!!!! (Very inspirational)
this piece is great, though a long wall of text i was suprisingly hooked all the way through, maybe because philiosophy is one of my main interest but as well as that the rhyming was excellent, the couplets fitted and didnt feel forced, one gripe i have is ome of it may be a bit wordy as when i read it back the sentences don't seem to flow very well or maybe its ust the way its layed out, anyway very good work man
Thanks, yeah i think right now its in a pretty wordy stage, i'm thinking about cutting it down a bit, but i fear it might take away from some of the things being said.