I'm planning on getting some DVDs for my birthday and I found some new stuff from Lick Library which is basically a series of 6-DVD sets which teaches a certain style of music. I'm interested because it's been a while since Lick Library has released a "progressive" set of lessons since they've been focusing more on specific techniques and their "Learn To Play [artist]" series, and I want to see if these are any good, especially considering the high price (80 pounds).

These include:

Electric Blues in 6 Weeks by Stuart Bull

Rock Guitar in 6 Weeks by Danny Gill

Shred Guitar in 6 Weeks by Andy James

Metal Rhythm Guitar in 6 Weeks by Andy James

Country Guitar in 6 Weeks by Steve Trovato
the lick library stuff I've seen with andy james and steve trovato were alright. Everything I've seen Stuart Bull do sucks though. He's terrible and really shouldn't be making instructional videos,, I've seen one by danny gill,, and it was alright, but I didn't think much of it. It was pretty much rudimentary stuff.
Gotta agree with the general consensus here about Stuart Bull -- decent player, substandard teacher.

I actually have his other Lick Library DVDs, "Legato Techniques" and "Chord And Scales That Fit Them" and while there *is* a wealth of information contained in there, it's all presented in a very sloppy manner. There's too much obfuscation and referencing to other concepts he doesn't explain so it's a real pain to really learn anything.

On the other hand, Danny Gill, Andy James and Steve Trovato are all very good teachers, my favorite being Gill because he presents everything in a very clear and personable manner. Andy James is also a good teacher and although he may come across as cold and robotic at times, he has insane technical shredding and riffing chops -- probably the best player on Lick Library's roster, hands down.

Any other comments and reviews will be much appreciated, thank you!
It takes a while to get accustomed to James' way of speaking (slightly monotone and matter-of-factish compared to other teachers) but his easy explanations, talking in tablature and intervals instead of notes and scales/modes [this helps for everyone since you can learn no matter how much theory you've got beforehand] and PLAYING SKILLS make up for it.

I'd go with Andy. Having seen the Tapping dvd and parts of MEtal Rythm Guitar, he knows his stuff.
Dude licklibrary sucks compared to Jamplay, get on the free trial and buy that instead.
I highly recommend them
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Are you looking for a DVD course, of a good stand alone instructional DVD? If you are looking for the latter, try John Petrucci's Rock Discipline. It is pretty involved, but there's a lot there to keep you busy and it will definitely improve your playing. Paul Gilbert also has several DVDs out there that are worth checking out if you are looking to improve your chops.
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Rock Discipline... if you're ready to create a black hole from playing at insane speeds then yeah. Jokes aside, he has a pretty demanding practice schedule

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Dude licklibrary sucks compared to Jamplay, get on the free trial and buy that instead.
I highly recommend them

jamplay is ghey lol