Ive been working on the same songs for about 3 years. They are not overly fast songs
at 120bpm. Ive practiced excercises to a metrenome but I can never seem to get past 100bpm and somtimes I cant tell if im in time or not or else it will feel like im in time, but
it will be uncomfortable and when I stop the metrenome I feel my playing has actually gotten worse where I find even playing at a very slow speed like 50bpm becomes
that only just managable. Its getting boring and frustrating, when I pick up the guitar I cant play anything that sounds nice to me, I definitely don't enjoy it but I want to enjoy it and I want to get better. If I could practice and feel confident that Ive imporved Id
practice much more but in all 4 years Ive been playing its always been Ill play for a few hours and wont feel Ive made any imporvemnt at all.

I took up the keyboard recently I find it easier to practice with, I can learn a piece of music and just work on it and I improve and I find the more I play it the faster I can play it. Somehow its not like that with the guitar and I dont learn many songs on the guitar anymore since I when I usually come to the solo part and cant get it up to speed.

Ive tried working without the metrenome. It felt a little better to be free of the metrenome but I ended up just feeling lost. Id play through a few songs but then what, I have,nt gotten any faster.

Im really bored and frustrated with the guitar right now. And I hate the metrenome .
Im just sick of playing the same licks and songs over and over and not getting any better.
Play new songs? Have a positive attitude when playing, being mad at your guitar sure as hell won't make it any more fun or less frustrating. Otherwise you might have shit posture that prevents you from playing well, otherwise I can't really see how you couldn't have improved at all after 4 years.
It's possible that you're just not wired for the kind of music you're trying to play. If you have really force yourself to try and get a song - maybe you're just not ready for it even it's not "fast".

Try out some different styles of music on guitar - try some blues, smooth jazz, etc. I love to listen to metal, but honestly it's not my favorite style of music to play. I tried to play alot of it too before I started playing other styles.
if you havnt improved id say its bound to be your technique.

you must understand that if your not relaxed you will only get worse..

if you have been straining for the past 4 years 50 bpm may even be to fast for you.

if your tense and angry about it..its not going to help you MUST be relaxed to improve...

i think your not relaxed..just because with the keyboard you was able to improve..but with the guitar your not...

what i like to do..for my technique..is watch music theory videos or a movie while i practice..with my guitar unplugged..i might pick a note every minute or so in deep focus on my muscles. stretch my arms a little.

having your arms droped down by your side as if you standing up..bring them up to the guitar extremely slow and relaxed..slowly pick one note and drop your arms again. your shoulders should not be raised up with your playing the guitar.

with my fretting hand same thing extremly slow..ill lay a note pick it stop. for finger independence i have to do it SLOWER THEN THE REST (to keep all fingers close to the fret board). i use chromatics for that.

sometimes ill lay in bed with my guitar. not even using a pick..ill just work on my fretting hand and staying relaxed.

if you cant get past 100 bpm..then you prolly shouldnt even play at 100 bpm...your struggling when you shouldnt...all this same shit happened to me too. and it was always my picking hand that was the worse.

so focus on staying relaxed..pay attention to your breathing also. stretch before and after every note you fret and pick

your arms my not be stiff it could be your big toe your straining..it could be anything so just slow way not..1 bpm if you gotta

and dont try to learn stuff that fast..work on slower songs theme songs if ya gotta star wars, mortal kombat, robo cop stuff like that is fun to play. by the time youve done this..these songs you have problems with will be a breeze..

Go to Guitar Center and look at the bulletin board for guitar teachers. Pick the one you think is the most experienced after talking to all of them over the phone. Beware of song-of-the-week guitar tab teachers.
Maybe you have not learned the proper way , go find an experienced teacher who will correct all of your bad habits, really you will see that a good teacher can really help you out believe me.
You're not "improving" because the only thing you're using as a measure of your improvement is speed.

Speed is not the the most important factor in determining a "good" guitar player, in fact it's way down on the list of priorities.
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Ive been working on the same songs for about 3 years.

Here's your problem, you should always lean to other vertents as well, like blues and that. If you can play the blues, you can play anything, but I mean, anything.