I pulled some stuff outta my room and have a Bugera 2x12 cab I had as a backup and don't use. It's mint condition, used it a few times here for a practice. looking for about $180 for it. Also have my brother's Bugera 6260 that he gave to me, but it needs repair. It was bought in January and still has its warranty in effect until February 2011, so if you want it, I'm selling it for about $250 (unless I decide to get it repaired next week, then $350-$400). It's in mint condition, with no marks or anything on it. I'll put pics up within the next few days. I'm up for trades too.
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How many watts is the Bugera cab and would you be interested in any trades? I'd pretty much be able to trade any of the gear in my profile (not including my SG, VTM, or TS9)
u interested in a carvin legacy vl-100 head? if u get the bugera repaired through warranty and throw in the 2x12 ill trade you. do you happen to know whats wrong with the bugera?