Hey Pit, was wondering if you could help me here.

See I have an Advent 4213 netbook. It used to run XP, but I got kinda' bored with that so upgraded it to Vista. The netbook has a webcam and microphone built in, and when it ran XP, I was able to record guitar stuff with the built in microphone (I know it's kind of cheap but I'm saving up for some recording stuff soon). But since upgrading to Vista, my netbook has lost the ability to record. In my 'Recording Devices', it says the microphone is working and has a nice green tick next to it, but my computer just won't pick up anything with it when I use any recording software, or Windows Sound Recorder. I don't know what I can do to fix this and I really want this back. I've checked for a missing driver or anything like that but everything appears to be present and working. I'm quite computer illiterate so if you feel you have a suggestion you can explain in as much detail as you like.