I used to always post on these forums but i stopped playing guitar a lot and so I stopped posting here as much.

I played for roughly 2 years and was alright but never got anything like shreding down because it has never been something i wanted to learn. I picked up my guitar the other day and was amazed how little dexterity i had in my fingers .

If anyone knows any good articles/ lessons (not videos/audio) on building dexterity up, or back up in my case, and generally just building a decent amount of speed in my playing back up. Its been roughly a year and a half since i last played and can't remember much excluding the ol' 1-2-3-4 and pentatonic scale
penatonics are great for getting that fingering back. just practice them for a few weeks and you'll be back in shape in no time
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Start slow. Playing scales is tedious but it's probably the best way to go. Work on accurate fretting, clean notes, and staying at a nice, consistent tempo.
As your fingers remember what they were supposed to be doing, speed will increase.

If you just start out playing a bunch of hot licks, you'll likely make many mistakes that then need to be corrected.