I believe, I've posted on here a couple of times, I re-recorded this song, and I feel it's way better than the rough version I had posted a few months back.

This is gonna be on my upcoming demo CD "ReInvention", (Track 2, to be exact) and only a few people have heard it(mostly close friends)

So here it is


It's on the player on my band profile^ So give it a listen and give me some feedback

To me, the song itself feels like it needs a little more development. I can definitely say that you've got some solid ideas there, but to my ears, the song seems to be calling for another section or two. I would suggest expanding the song and developing more ideas, then perfecting each idea so if flows smoothly. Also, you may want to experement with two stereo guitars playing different parts for a fuller sound, as acoustic guitar is the only instrument in your recording.

Crit mine?