Last week (around monday I think) I emailed TC Ellis, I tried two different email addresses (the custom one and tim's one) but still TC Ellis haven't got back.

This happened before (I emailed one of the addresses) a few months ago and never got a reply..

I regularly check both my emails and my junk folder but I haven't had a reply..

The unproffesionism is putting me off ordering what would be an expensive custom for a lack of communication..

Some insight plz?


Are you saying "Hi Tim, I want you to make me a guitar, get back to me. kthxbye."?

or are you going in depth about what you want?

If it's the latter, they have a Facebook page that might let you get in contact with them.
Ha, the latter, with plenty of detail believe me .

Hmm, I'll check out the faceyb thing thx any more suggestions?


they probably never received it, check the address and the FB site, be patient custom shops are sometimes overwhelmed that in order to maintain quality they only build a limited number a year.