A co-worker of my dad's is selling his for $50. Now I haven't played it yet but, it's $50. Even if it sounds like crap I can always get different PUPs.

But what do you guys have to say about the Mockingbird? Good guitar? Bad guitar? Do you think I should get it considering the price?
Have a good one,
What model is it? For $50 though I'd get it.
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For $50, go for it. Even if it is terrible, you can sell it for more, or do it up, and it won't cost as much as a brand new one.
buy it.
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get it.

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Even if it's not the best guitar, $50 is an incredible deal, you can't even get a Starcaster for that. If you don't like it you could just modify the hell out of it.
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