Hey Guys.
would be great if you could help me out! thanks in advance!!!

My Gear:
Marshall 2000 DSL50
Fender Telecaster Deluxe 72´Reissue
4x12 Framus Box

Maxon T9
Digitech WHAMMY
KORG Tuner

My Question:

So i guess by now i should have enough stuff to have a good sound. But Im still doing something wrong i guess.

I basically need 1 Good Distortion, 1 Boost, 1 Clean
Sound reference: Paramore, Jimmy Eat World, All Time Low
Clean: Angels&Airwaves, U2, Snow Patrol

How would you line up the pedals?? What Settings are basic?
i have my amp on:
Presence 3, Treble 6, Mid 7, Bass 6. Volume goes up to 4 MAX. Gain 6?!?!?!?

How much Compression? Mxr GT-OD on Output 8 and Drive 0 ?

Please guys help me out with something i can do with what i have! Sry for beeing a noob.

Thank you!!
what's wrong with your sound?

when you say one boost do you mean like a lead tone?

when you say maxon t9 you mean a maxon ts9, right?

those amp settings sound alright to me (though it's a while since I tried a dsl), maybe roll the treble back slightly if it's too bright (perhaps increasing the presence slightly to compensate).

there's no reason why you shouldn't be getting a good tone out of that, so don't worry.
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I would put the pedals away for a second and just plug your guitar into the amp and try to get a clean sound, a distorted rhythm sound, and a lead sound that you like. Forget for a second if you can get them all at once with the same settings. Just experiment and find something that sounds good. THEN you can worry about all the pedals.

If you can't find sounds you like guitar->amp, the chances you will find them with pedals are low.
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Quote by Even Bigger D

If you can't find sounds you like guitar->amp, the chances you will find them with pedals are low.

disagree. They are kind of independent of eachother tbh.

You just have to analyze what exactly you need and what's the easiest way to get that, whether it be simply guitar>amp or a single pedal or a chain of pedals.

As far as pedal order, I'm not really sure.