I tied myself to the front of a freight train
knowing full well the outcome before it came.
I'm not getting thrown under a bus
too late for that, already going full speed
towards the lights of a semi truck,
In the middle of the night, fuck
this and you and me and my own bad luck.
Luck is created by me,
fuck that, I don't believe in destiny.

Pain flows through my veins like heroin
this anger is justified so I drink it in
release it on a hobo outside the holiday inn.
Smoke a cigarette in the back of a police cruiser,
in a drunken slur ask "Mr. Occifer where'd I get this bruise?"
Which one son?
This one right here motherfucker on my face, between my eyes, below my nose and over my lips.
Don't take that tone with me son

I'm gonna rip out my heart, liver, and lungs
cut you open, shove them in you, and sew you shut.
Then you'll feel what you deserve.
Then you'll understand with every nerve,
what my every organ feels like in night time,
in daytime, during break time, and in fun time.
You feel that heart beating faster?
that's anger pumping you out of the blood.
Feel that cirrhosis in the liver?
that's me drowning you, worthless bitch.
Those lungs short of breathe already?
they stopped seeing a reason for air.

Fuck this fight it's showtime,
now you know how it feels to be me.