probably anything by marshall above the MG series.

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61'-65' Skiffle/R&B-inspired brit rock or 66'-70' British Blues/Psychedelia?

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Either a Vox AC30 Top Boost or a Marshall SLP or Hiwatt Custom 100. They all pretty much made the British Invasion of the '60s.
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AC30's (Other than that hybrid one) are going for $500 now?

What kind of wattage are you looking for TS?

Maybe a Laney of some sort? There should be some LC's and VC's in that price range, or a Marshall DSL401? Not sure if any of them will have the right voicing for you though.
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AC30's (Other than that hybrid one) are going for $500 now?

No, they aren't. I wonder why people keep recommending them.

The new AC15 is running about $600US, and the Vox VT 100 is about $500US, It's Vox's SS modeling amp with a tube preamp (I think, not 100% on that one, all I know is that it has a 12Ax7 somewhere inside it.
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Try Blackstar HT-5.

+1, it'll get you both American and British style distortion. Pretty versatile amp.