Ok so I have an ESP M-II and a Fender YJM. A guy offered me a 1991 USA Fender Strat and a beat up cosmetically JCM 900 Dual Reverb for 200 dollars and my M-II. Another guy offered me his Musicman JP6 for my Yngwie and 200 dollars. I play both Malmsteen and Petrucci atm and these deals have put me in a quandary. Which deal would you guys take?
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JCM because I'm a sucker for Marshall.

Could I get a good Yngwie/neoclassical tone out of the 900?
On the first offer, I'd refuse it. I just prefer the ESP over the choices he's giving you for trade, but it comes down to how much you like your current amp versus how much you like the JCM in that situation.

As far as the second, I'd do it, because, and this again is personal preference, I love strats, but hate the YJM. In my opinion, the Musicman is more versatile, and that's huge for me.

As far as which to take, you could technically take both - the 91 ameristrat replaces your YJM and gains you an amp, and you'll have a musicman replacing the ESP.
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I think the 900 could get you there.
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Yea thanks dudes, I think I will go with the Marshall and strat. I have always wanted a Marshall and my 5150II is pissing me off.